Semifinals SPO 2015

The semifinals of the Swiss Philosophy Olympiad 2015 took place in Geneva, Immensee and Wetzikon in January 2015.

1. University of Geneva, January 15, 2015



  • Maximilian Huber, University of Geneva
  • Dr. Jonas Pfister, University of Lucerne and Gymnasium Neufeld


  • Benkara Hakim, Collège Voltaire (GE)
  • Castellino Céline Geneviève, Ecole Moser (GE)
  • Corminboeuf Julian, Collège de l’Abbaye de St-Maurice (VS)
  • Guarnera Paola, Collège de Candolle (GE)
  • Iannuzzi Marica, Liceo Cantonale Locarno (TI)
  • Mariot Zoé, Collège de Saussure (GE)
  • Muzzetto Nicolas, Collège de l’Abbaye de St-Maurice (VS)
  • Pattaroni Lionel, Collège de l’Abbaye de St-Maurice (VS)
  • Pereiras Gomes Stéphanie, Collège Voltaire (GE)
  • Reymond Amélie T., Gymnase de La Cité Lausanne (VD)
  • Romain Pralong, Lycée-collège des Creusets (VS)
  • Savoy Andréa, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig (VS)
  • Tribolet Laurène, Collège de l’Abbaye de St-Maurice (VS)


  • Dr. Angela Martin, University of Münster
  • Guillaume Schlaepfer, University of Geneva
  • Dr. Jonas Pfister, University of Lucerne and Gymnasium Neufeld
  • Pablo Carnino, University of Geneva

2. Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, January 15, 2015



  • PD Dr. Jürg Berthold, University of Zurich and Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland


  • Bernini Lucia, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig (VS)
  • Denoth Marius, Kantonsschule Trogen (AR)
  • Gantenbein Marc, Kantonsschule Wil (SG)
  • Imhof Raffaela, Kantonsschule Wil (SG)
  • Inniger Michael, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig (VS)
  • Koster Isabelle, Kantonsschule Baden (AG)
  • Kräuchi Simon, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig (VS)
  • Kuhn Nadia, Kantonsschule Küsnacht (ZH)
  • Meile Elias, Kantonsschule am Burggraben (SG)
  • Michel Nadine, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau (AG)
  • Müller Jonathan, BKS Chur (GR)
  • Pomsel Jannis, Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland (ZH)
  • Wagner Christoph, Gymnasium Liestal (BL)
  • Wyss Aurelio, Kantonsschule Baden (AG)


  • Hugo Anthamatten, Kantonsschule Baden
  • Dr. Norbert Anwander, Altdorf
  • PD Dr. Roger Hofer, University of Zurich and Kantonsschule Im Lee Winterthur
  • Dr. Karl-Werner Modler, Kantonsschule Baden
  • Dr. Urs Schällibaum, prorector and philosophy teacher, Kantonsschule Stadelhofen

3. Gymnasium Immensee, January 16, 2015



  • Flavio Carrera, Gymnasium Immensee


  • Amacher Jeanine, Gymnasium Thun (BE)
  • Bänziger Irina, Gymnasium Thun (BE)
  • Baradaran Rahmanian Ramin, Gymnasium Neufeld (BE)
  • Bradley Timothy, Kantonsschule Alpenquai Luzern (LU)
  • Brücker Sarah, Gymnasium Immensee (SZ)
  • Carter Chris, Gymnasium Thun (BE)
  • Dülberg Jill, Gymnasium Immensee (SZ)
  • Gafner Lara,Gymnasium Neufeld (BE)
  • Käsermann Manuela, Gymnasium Neufeld (BE)
  • Luginbühl Joanne, Gymnasium Thun (BE)
  • Novak Martin, Kantonschule Alpenquai Luzern (LU)
  • Pütz Charlotte, Gymnasium Thun (BE)
  • Spahr Sabina, Gymnasium Neufeld (BE)
  • Versteeg Tim, Gymnasium Neufeld (BE)


  • Michel Borner, Gymnasium Neufeld Bern
  • Dr. Juliette Gloor, Gymnasium Oberaargau Langenthal
  • Maximilian Huber, University of Geneva
  • Christian Tenisch, Seeland Gymnasium Biel
  • Michelle Wüthrich, Kollegium Sankt Michael Fribourg


  1. Can we know whether other animals feel pain?
  2. Imagine you could choose to let your brain be connected to a machine that generates permanent states of pleasure in you. Would you let yourself be connected?
  3. “Under the whole contemporary life pulsates a deep and annoying injustice: the false assumption of the equality of humans.” José Ortega y Gasset, La deshumanización del arte y otros ensayos de estética, 1987
  4. This is the old Platonic riddle of nonbeing. Nonbeing must in some sense be, otherwise what is it that there is not? This tangled doctrine might be nicknamed Plato’s beard; historically it has proven tough, frequently dulling the edge of Occam’s razor.” Willard Van Orman Quine, On What There Is, 1948