Qualification SPO 2017

Do you like philosophy, attend a Swiss school and are younger than twenty years old? Then take part in the Swiss Philosophy Olympiad 2017 and write a philosophical essay (up to 1000 words) to one of the following topics:

  1. Are you morally allowed to care more about your friends than about other people?
  2. “Education is something that humans do with and for themselves: One educates oneself. One can be trained by others, but one can only educate oneself.” Peter Bieri, FAZ, 2. August 2007
  3. Does a country own its natural ressources?
  4. “Exactness and certainty are false ideals. They are inaccessible and therefore highly misleading if you let yourself uncritically be guided by them. Striving for accuracy corresponds to the quest for certainty; and both should be abandoned.” Karl Popper: Ausgangspunkte. Meine intellektuelle Entwicklung. München, 2004, S. 28.

Keep in mind to be consistent in your argumentation (coherence), to provide arguments for your claims (power of argumentation), to express your own ideas (originality), to only write about your topic (relevance) and to explain the philosophical context of your topic (context).

Send your essay to info@swissphilo.ch and make sure that it is formatted as Word document and includes your name, school, class, teacher and email address (all personal information is handled strictly confidential). The deadline is November 30, 2016.