IPO 2014 Lithuania

The 22nd International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, from May 15 to 18. Switzerland was represented by:

  • Lara Gafner, Gymnasium Neufeld
  • Stéphanie Pereiras Gomes, Collège Voltaire

Congratulations to both of them!

Stéphanie Pereiras Gomes, Lara Gafner

Stéphanie Pereiras Gomes, Lara Gafner


  1. “Choosing to kill the innocent as a means to your ends is always murder… Killing the innocent, even if you know as a matter of statistical certainty that the things you do involve it, is not necessarily murder… On the other hand, unscrupulousness in considering the possibilities turns it into murder.” G.E.M. Anscombe
  2. “The most tantalizing question of all: If a fake is so expert that even after the most thorough and trustworthy examination its authenticity is still open to doubt, is it or is it not as satisfactory a work of art as if it were unequivocally genuine?” Aline B. Saarinen
  3. “Knowledge is true belief based on argument. ” Plato;  “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?” Edmund Gettier
  4. Confucius said: “Now I understand why the doctrine of the mean can not be put into practice. Clever people, knowing it thoroughly, don’t think it is practicable, while stupid people, unable to understand it, do not know how to practice it. I also know why the doctrine of the mean  can not be popularized. Talented people overdo it while unskilled people can not do it.”